Palette Code

” We resolve valuable secret behind the colorful memo and create compelling pictures for your business “

About Palette Code


We provide a holistic professional service from Market analysis to Product design & Development, Branding & Identity, Graphic & Packaging design, Web & App design and Social media promotion creation.

They are important pigments used to build up great pictures of a business.

We look into it as a whole, identify the unmet needs of people physically and psychologically in a strategic approach, create empathetic design and experience that make people’s lives more desirable.

About Palette Code
About Palette Code

We pay attention to the design thinking process in order to create an empathetic, mind-blowing design and prevent a predetermined single assumption.

Creative brainstorming often takes an important role in diverse ranges of projects. When colorful notes fully filled on the board, it is where every great design begins.

Every note contains a valuable message and creates a unique palette for every single project.

We, as a designer, have to understand the patterns of the palette, decode, connect the dots and find out its hidden message behind, in order to create beautiful, meaningful and valuable stories for people and companies.

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