To-go salad shaker & container design

Rethinking the everyday journey for commuters and help them to consume along in most convenient way

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During a commute to and from work, commuters often feel pretty tired. To beat the tiredness while save time to have their meal during a commute, commuters always grabbing some unhealthy snacks or reaching for junk food.

Nowadays, people are looking for some more healthy
alternative. They are starting to prepare their own meal in advance so they are able to save money, eat more healthy and save valuable time.

While seeing the change, our vision was to develop
the to-go meal set specifically for commuters who may not have a proper platform to hold their food or may need to eat on a bumpy road.


Salad was the first targeted category of the project. We have developed a revolutionary no-mess salad container in order to solve the common problems while eating on the way.

To-go salad shaker & container design


Limitations of eating while commuting

Food to buy on the way is never the limitation for commuters,
but how can they consume the food in a proper manner even on transportation or on a bumpy road will limit their food option.

Our research revealed several common problems that commuters would encounter when eating on the way.

– Food is difficult to handle where there is no table to put on
– Falling of food debris everywhere in vehicles or street
– Messed up with sauce of food and clothes get dirty

Discover the limitations of eating while commuting


A risk-free journey for commuters eating on the go

When you are eating salad in a cafe or any restaurant there was always a slide of tomato, lettuce or a piece of chicken fall out from the bowl or full of tasty dressing on your hand when you pouring dressing or mixing the salad.

It was almost a mission impossible to stay away from mess when you eating salad on the go. Therefore, the design ideation would go into the whole eating journey and focus on dressing and mixing process in order to create a tool that allows commuters to have more options when eating on the go.

Identfy the salad container product features

The using scenario shaped the product

Considering the whole user journey for carrying the container and keeping fresh along the way, preparation and consume, the whole journey shaped the product outlook and features.

Easy to carry, no soggy vegetables, keeping the salad fresh, safe way to hold the container and eat on the go will be our top priority to look into when working on the design.

Identfy the salad container product features

For millennials, it’s hip to look old

It can seem that hipsters and millennials are one in the same thing, they have a fondness en masses for things that look old or retro and generally accepted creative independent brands or items than chain stores.

We are trying to differentiate the item in the market from function to appearance, create the item out of a predetermined mind.

With the feeling of nostalgia but not works like nostalgia.

Identify the outlook of the salad container that fit for millennials

Formula for a happy healthy meal

While finding out the famous healthy salad recipe, we are able to further design the product partition for different ingredients placement in order to enhance the usability for the user.

Identify the types of salad that millennials love


  • Salad mixer & container

One-stop operated salad mixer keep the mess away

A special squeezable dressing container is attached at the top, a double-layer transparent tritan body for fresh salad, a nuts or toppings container at the bottom and to prevent slipping, we have added a rubber wrap on the body together act as a spork holder.

There were only three simple steps to enjoy a fresh salad on-the-go : pull up, squeeze the dressing container and shake it well.
All cool and clean!

To-go salad shaker & container design
To-go salad shaker & container design
To-go salad shaker & container design
To-go salad shaker & container design
Fill the dressing into dressing container
To-go salad shaker & container design
Take it with you on the go
To-go salad shaker & container design
Unscrew the nuts container at the bottom & Pour in extra flavor into salad
To-go salad shaker & container design
Pull up the dressing container & Squeeze the dressing into the salad container
To-go salad shaker & container design
Shake & Mix well
To-go salad shaker & container design
Flip open the cover
To-go salad shaker & container design
Ready to serve

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