An ergonomic surgical clipper design for clinic

Consider all the usage and bring the best user experience for doctors or nurses

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The surgical clipper for removing hair from surgical areas have been widely used in the hospital.

Hair shaving may need to be done in awkward body contours depends on the body part that needs an operation, therefore, doctors may need to hold the clipper in a different angle with different gesture or different blade type.

In order to design a clipper that perfectly fit for varieties of the situation and stay hygienic, we need to understand all the possible usage and go through the process from pre-operative hair removal to final disposal.


After careful consideration of the whole using process, we have figure out several holding gesture and come up with an ergonomic handle with one click detachable blade head design that fits for different body part shaving needs and in perfect hygiene.

An ergonomic surgical clipper design for clinic


Limitations of existing clippers

Most clippers perform the basic function – shaving hairs but not considering the satisfaction on the user experience from the product shape to the blade size and to the hygienic consideration.

Our research reveals several concerns from the users who use surgical clipper.

– The usability and comfortability the handle design, bad handle limited the quality of shaving treatment
– Hygiene is always in the highest concern, there is possible contamination if in touch with the used blade
– Clipper looks likes designed in the 70s

Discover the limitations of existing clippers


Provide great comfort no matter how user’s hold the clipper

When using the clipper in different body contour, different people with have different gestures when shaving hair in different parts. We have found out there are 4 most common gestures that people usually used.

We stick into the details on the product outline on all faces in order to allow user to hold our clipper comfortably no matter how they used to.

An ergonomic surgical clipper design for clinic

With a level of hygiene to the users

Concern about the risk of in touch with potential contamination part – the blade. We need to come up with a simple structure for user to eject the used blade easily into the bin.

An ergonomic surgical clipper design for clinic



Designed to provide the most comfortable clipper for doctors & nurses

A detachable blade head was designed in two sizes and work together with a one-click slide button. A short blade was used for body parts that are hard to reach while a long one for large body area. By push the slide button from right to left, users are able to remove the used blade head and put it into the bin without touching it which protect users from possible contamination.

The clipper has comes with an ergonomic body which allows users to hold the clipper comfortably in different gestures for different body parts’ hair removal. The top side where the on/off button located designed with two concave curves for finger placement. The whole body is slightly curved not only to fit the usual gripping gestures but also make it easier to take out from the stand that fits perfectly for the normal human action.

We not only concern about the usage but the appearance as well. Rather than a flat smooth surface, we have added some more layers on the body and details at the edges in order to make it look less bulky and up-to-date.

An ergonomic surgical clipper design for clinic
An ergonomic surgical clipper design for clinic
An ergonomic surgical clipper design for clinic
An ergonomic surgical clipper design for clinic

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