A refresh on existing silicone bottle

Enhancement may bring a different meaning toward a product

Client: Prolific
Keywords: Product Design, Product Development, Packaging design


A silicone milk bottle was initially designed as a foldable bottle which was collapsible with silk screen patterns as decoration. While this bottle not sell as good as expectation, therefore, we have take part in help on giving a new meaning towards the bottle.


A new shift towards a personalized bottle based on existing product material features. An enhancement on the users engagement which allow them to create their own pattern or deliver message to whoever they want.

A refresh on existing silicone bottle


Enhance product value to offer customers a personalized product

The rare the product the high value that it has, it is always a golden theory on any market. Uniqueness is priceless and that is why a personalized product or service has became more and more popular.

Personalized product has been a new trends on the market, people would like to create a complete unique item for themselves which could make them feel different and able to let the product speak for themselves.

The new product involves customization that is not only attractive providing features unique to the customer, but it is like inviting them to involve into the design process which could enhance connection with customer. Therefore,this is the direction for our existing product renovation.

Discovery on the direction of the refreshing work of silicone bottle


Decorate your own bottle

Silicone has a special super easy erasable properties that other materials don’t have. This material work well with any kinds of ball pen and eraser, people are able to use ball pen to write anything on silicone and completely erase with eraser easy.

Repackaged the product as a creator’s message bottle and personal drawing board would be the most money and time saving way.

Discovery on the direction of the refreshing work of silicone bottle


  • Personalized Silicone Bottle

Enhance the value of a pure functional item and make it more engage with the user

By enhance the value on personal satisfaction factor and the connection with users, we have make use of the special erasable properties of silicone and repackaged the product as a creator’s message bottle.

User are able to draw on the bottle by ball pen and erase with eraser, so that they are able to draw on their favourite picture according to their everyday emotion or use the bottle as a gift box to send message for your loved one, write anything to him/her and fill the bottle with love.

A package has been designed with some simple artwork pattern windows which gave package a new life and allow users to pick the pattern they like and draw them on their bottle by follow the outline.

A refresh on existing silicone bottle
Packaging for the refreshed silicone bottle

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